Generally Horses require a dental check once a year. Of course there are a lot of factors that come into play to consider how often your individual horse needs his done. ie Paddock quality they are in, feed given, age , injury, or birth defects. We use hand tools and a gag with minimal fuss and work with the horse making it a very good experience for both horse and owner $120 per dental check per horse


We are innovative when it comes to barefoot trims We do use a grinder and flapper disc. Which gives an awesome result , is much more time saving which actually benefits the horse . Surprising most horses after the initial noise is introduced , relax and become very calm , giving the impression they are thoroughly enjoying the experience. $60 per Horse.


Our technique relies on flex and manipulation, all maneuvers are using body weight and resistance. We will address any problems the owner has picked up on, as well as a thorough body check of any other issues we may notice $120 per session per horse

Float Training

Taking Tiime.. Being Patient and giving Confidence to Horses teaching them to load..and giving owners techniques to use. Cost starts at $200


We do offer limited spaces to start young horses on their way to a riding career. We are patient, and use our tried and tested techniques that work. We are big on exposing each horse to daily environments and factors that may cause anxious or nervous behaviour. Each horse is different and learns at their own pace.....We take this into consideration on every job. Generally at the 8 week mark we find most horses are ready to return back to their owners. This is not always the case and just depends on the individual horse and the owners confidence and skills. Starting costs begin at $2000 plus feed.. Retraining is a bit more difficult to quote and generally depends on the individual horse's requirements and the length of time needed to iron out their issues they are experiencing.